Is Tai Chi a Martial Art? Tai Chi is a Hiding Deadly Martial Art

Is Tai Chi a Martial Art?
It all began when I started the 24 forms of Tai Chi, to promote my health and longevity, but as a big fan of martial arts and as I had already some experience in other systems like shudokan karate I realize that Ta-chi was more than just a meditation practice it is a secret martial art.

Many people think that tai chi is practice as a slow-motion dance-like exercise for promoting health and meditation, but that’s not why it was created, the truth is that tai chi was developed centuries ago as a martial art for use in deadly combat and even for protecting the Chinese emperor against assassins.

Every movement in tai chi is a self-defense technique, so practicing Tai chi, will teach you very useful self-defense techniques. Tai chi is a part of Kung fu, but google what is more effective for self-defense Tai chi or Kung fu and see the results. Tai chi is the winner. People that do tai chi as a meditation they will never have the martial art benefits. I do Tai Chi more as a martial art and little as meditation so I can achieve some light meditation benefits. I don’t want the deep meditation as it hiding a lot of dangers if you don’t know how to handle it.

Is Tai Chi a martial art Effective?is-tai-chi-a-martial-art, Is Tai Chi Effective as a Martial Art

Tai Chi practiced in slow motion so the students can develop body mechanics to deliver the self-defense techniques powerfully. Another benefit of Tai Chi Chuan is to make a person more aware of space and balance. Most teachers or students don’t understand the “secrets” of the art. Personally, when I practice Tai chi Chuan I feel wellness more focused and flexible.

Mas Oyama a legendary Karate master defeated all 200 or more martial artists in his lifetime. He was traveling around the world seeking the ultimate martial art and he was only one time defeated by a 70-year-old Tai Chi master.

Tai Chi is a Hiding Deadly Martial Arttai-chi-is-hiding-deadly-martial-art

Now many of you think why Chinese martial arts not working in sports like UFC or MMA. Did China miss out? I don’t think so. As I said before Tai chi began for use in deadly combat, a purpose that has been overlooked in recent years.

If you look careful Chinese Qin Na (擒拿) has many moves of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or to put it the right way BJJ has many Qin Na (Chin Na) techniques. Chin-Na is better than BJJ in a real fight.

Qinna is a set of joint lock techniques to lock an opponent’s joints so he cannot move. Right now I’m convinced that Tai Chi Chuan is the fighting art that can inflict the most damage as hundreds of chin na grappling techniques are hidden within the tai chi movements. Chin na applications are related to pushing hands, a two-person tai chi exercise.

The connection between tai chi, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, and Hapkido: There is an old saying in Chinese martial arts circle, “Tai Chi is the hardest kung fu to master, but once it’s understood, it is the master of all Kung fu’s…” Tai Chi principles have for sure influenced Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu and Hapkido movements. Many people believe (and according to Wikipedia are correct) that most Japanese jujutsu and Aikido came from Chin Na.

Qinna martial arts techniques:

You can find many of Chin-na techniques to all ofTaichii forms. Mainly in the thirty-seven postures of Yang-style tai chi chuan! Dont forget Tai chi has it all, is a part of Kung Fu. Is meditation and is Chin na (grappling techniques like Aikido, Jiu Jitsu and Hapkido). So you like meditation and martial arts Benefits? Take Tai chi training and to turn it into martial arts skills.

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