What's the Healthiest Diet to Follow? Ketogenic Diet vs Vegan vs Paleo vs Raw Food Diet

What’s the Healthiest Diet to Follow? Ketogenic Diet vs Vegan vs Paleo vs Raw Food Diet

There are so many diets out there and all sound promising and all make sense, but what is the best diet to stay healthy? What’s the healthiest diet to follow? Is meat bad? or is better to eat raw food?  What about healthy carbs and fat? In this article we will analyse all of these different healthy diets and What’s the healthiest diet to follow.

Ketogenic Diet vs Vegan vs Paleo vs Raw Food Diet

Vegan Diet Plan:What's the Healthiest Diet to Follow? Vegan Diet Plan

A vegan diet, excludes all animal products. Veganism is a way of living and is devoid of all animal products, including meat, eggs and dairy. A vegan diet is based on foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, grains and seeds.

There are many benefits for vegans, one is longevity, the second is happiness, as there are a plethora of studies that connect improved mood to vegetarianism and not with arachidonic acid. Next is weight loss, more energy, healthier skin and so on…

So, whats wrong with Vegan Diet Plan?
Humans are more close to monkeys than cows. Vegetables are more difficult to digest raw and the reason is because humans do not have the cellulase enzyme. Animals that eat Vegetables have this enzyme.
So Humans do not manufacture the cellulase enzyme that helps to digest this type of fiber. So eating vegetables is not a bad idea bad eating vegetables only is.

Ketogenic Diet Plan:

A keto diet is a diet low carbs and moderate amounts of protein and healthy fats. The problem with when you eat something high in carbs is that your body will produce glucose and insulin. When your body use glucose as a primary energy, is not burning fats. So by lowering the intake of carbs, the body will use fats for fuel this state known as ketosis. The ketones, are produced from the breakdown of fats in the liver.

Keto diet used by many athlets and bodybuilders. There are many health benefits for people who follow the Ketogenic Diet Plan diet reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, weight loss, reduce blood pressure and finally is very effective treatment against metabolic syndrome.

So, whats wrong with Ketogenic Diet Plan?
Cells need oxygen and glucose, if we don’t eat some healthy carbs, we can’t be healthy. No carbs no longevity. Also, many nutritionist do not recommend keto diet because doesn’t provide all the essential nutrients.

Paleo Diet Plan:

Paleo diet means giving up modern foods, so Paleo diet plan bans all forms of processed food, grains, dairy and legumes so in one way, you can eat what a caveman ate and thats anything we could hunt or gather: fish, meats, tubers, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, leafy greens and veggies. Another thing about Paleo diet is that you don’t count calories you can eat until you’re happy and full.

Benefits: Cutting out processed foods improves health, protein build muscles, you have fewer cravings, no calorie counting, more energy.

So, whats wrong with Paleo Diet Plan?
Paleo people say we shouldn’t eat whole grains, dairy and legumes, that in a way is may be correct for people with celiac disease, lactose and gluten sensitivity, but researches found that the benefits of grains and legumes outweigh their anti-nutrient content.

Now about dairy I agree on some points, but not about healthy cheese like feta or Greek yogurt. Also as a big fan of ancient Greek diet, I don’t want to take those foods out of my diet. Another problem is also that the Paleo Diet is mainly meat based and a diet with too much animal fat, saturated fat and protein is bad for your kidneys and impacts your cholesterol.

Raw Food Diet Plan:

A diet that you eat almost everything unprocessed and uncooked. Raw food diet, also called raw foodism. With 70 percent fruits and 30 percent vegetables is a diet that obtain plenty of nutrients and your stomach digest system will thank you as raw foods have more enzymes.

The idea of this diet is that humans were fruit-vegan animals closer to the monkeys. So this diet goes even more far from paleo. Without a doubt, raw food diet have shown a lot of medical benefits and many people found cure for many diseases (including cancer) that modern medicine fail. This diet plan includes berries, fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts and herbs.

So whats wrong with Raw Food Diet Plan?
It’s difficult to follow this diet, even the biggest fans of this diet don’t follow a 100-percent raw diet and most of them do it 75 to 80 percent. This is because is very hard diet and you miss a lot of foods. Raw Food Diet is good for fasting but in my opinion no good for living with. Another problem of the diet is the muscle loss. Finally, even that probably the idea about the monkey nutrition and the connection to Humans is correct. Humans are omnivores for about 200,000 years, you think we can change that now?

What’s the healthiest diet to follow?

So if all of those diets have limits and mistakes than What is the healthiest diet to follow? For me, the best diet to follow is the diet that feet to your goals and style, but to be honest I do a combination of all of them and I created a super diet plan called:

The Wellness Seeker Diet:

The wellness seeker diet or just the wellness diet is a combination of all the above plans but with the common logic and respect that Humans are omnivores for about 200,000 years. If you don’t like to eat meat because you sorry about the animals or if you find it easy to cut carbs but not fats or if you want to punish yourself with eating raw foods all the time etc, than this plan is not for you and thats not a problem because all the other diets are really good plans too.

My target is wellness and wellbeing, that’s why in wellness seeker diet plan I let free even a moderate alcohol consumption, because is a holistic diet that has to do with reality and modern life and not with what happened long ago. Like mixed martial arts this diet is a combination of many diet plans. Read more about the best diet for Wellness here…

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