Top Extreme Sports: Is Ozaki 8 Real? YES, Point Break Ozaki 8 List

Extreme sports are healthy and good for you in multiple ways. There are a ton of extreme sports out there, but which extreme sports are the best and the most popular? Here we have the top extreme sports based on the Ozaki 8 list…

Point Break (1991)point-break-1996-movie

I’m a big fan of the extreme sports and when I saw for a first time the movie Point Break (1991), With Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I was fascinated. Wow, the real extreme sports meaning. A gang of surfers against the system. The system that kills the human spirit. They robbed banks, so they can do more of exteme sports. I love the term adrenaline junkie.

Point Break (2015)pointbreak 2015

After 24 years I saw the same title in the theaters: Point Break (2015). In the start I thought it will be a remake of the old film, so I said to my self, who can play better than Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves? Just forget it. But I was wrong, the movie is not just a copy of the old one, it is actually continues, where the old move left us. Although there share many similarities in the script, the new Point Break has even more ideas about the extreme sports benefits.

Extreme sports can make you feel one with the nature. That’s the main idea of that movie and I love it. The movie its not so much about surf, like the old one. The new Point Break has even more extreme sports. The movie has to do with the top extreme sports worldwide – The Ozaki 8 list, but is this Ozaki 8 list real?

Is Ozaki 8 Real?pointbreak2, is ozaki 8 real?

The first thing that I did when I finish watching the movie was to go online and research about the Ozaki 8 list, so I typed is Ozaki 8 Real? Unfortunatly was not any real extreme sports Guru that called Ozaki. The list was a fiction…. OR NOT?

Well, Ozaki list was a fiction, until now. Now it is real, after the new Point Break movie. Nothing on the Ozaki list is impossible and if you do it you will have a whole new respect for the nature and for you. The Ozaki 8 is a philosophy and way of living. So YES Ozaki list it’s real now. The idea is real, so is the sports.

Top Extreme Sports – Ozaki 8 List:mountain-top-extreme-sports-list

Ozaki 8 Ordeals:
Emerging Force
Birth of Sky
Awakening Earth
Life of Water
Life of Wind
Life of Ice
Master of Six Lives
Act of Ultimate Trust

Ordeal 1 – Emerging Force – Rafting:Top Exteme Sports - emerging-force-rafting
LOCATION: In ozaki list was at the Inga rapids of the river congo.

Ordeal 2 – Birth of Sky – Base Jumping:Top Exteme Sports - birth-of-sky-base-jumping
LOCATION:  In ozaki list was at MT Everest

Ordeal 3 – Awakening Earth – Skydiving:Top Exteme Sports - awakening-earth-skydiving
LOCATION:  In ozaki list was at caves of shadows Mexico.

Ordeal 4 – Life of Water – Surfing:life-of-water-surfing
LOCATION:  In ozaki list was at the French Coast.

Ordeal 5 – Life of Wind – Wingsuit Flying:life-of-wind-wingsuit-flying
LOCATION:  In ozaki list was at Walenstadt Switzerland.

Ordeal 6 – Life of Ice – Snowboard:life-of-ice-snowboard
LOCATION:  In ozaki list was at Golden, British Columbia.

Ordeal 7 – Master of Six Lives – Climb:master-of-six-lives-climb
LOCATION:  In ozaki list was at angels falls Venezuela.

Ordeal 8 – Act of Ultimate Trust – Rope Jumping:act-of-ultimate-trust-rope-jumping
LOCATION:  In ozaki list was at angels falls Venezuela and it was without the rope. Is like you put your life in nature hands – Ultimate Trust. (Not Recommended) We add Rope Jumping instant.

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