Thanaka Benefits: Thanaka Powder Uses

Thanaka Powder Uses:
I saw for a first time the Thanaka (tha-na-KA) powder, during my journey to Myanmar…

Was a bit weird when I first saw it, I said inside me “What’s that on people’s faces?” Myanmar women have been using thanaka for more than 2,000 years. Tanaka is known for their properties to make
skin whitening and soft and can reduces blemish and dark spots!

thanaka powder uses Many Thai celebrities use Tanaka-cosmetics all time. Tanaka it’s a distinctive feature of the Burmese culture and made from a root of a Burmese tree.

Thanaka trees grow slowly in central Myanmar’s dry zone. Trees must be at least 35 years old to yield good-quality cuttings. Women and girls are commonly applied this yellow-white cosmetic paste to the cheeks, noses and foreheads!Thanaka Benefits

Im using this Natural Thanaka Refreshing Talc (De-Leaf) in many ways. As a Facial Mask, Face Powder and Facial Cleansing. Tanaka is an Ancient beauty secret with powerful skin benefits…de-leaf-thanaka-powder

Thanaka Benefits:
Thanaka used as a medicinal product to treat acne, skin sores, fungus, poisoning, measles and even epilepsy and fever.thanaka powder

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  1. I have used thanaka grade groz and kusumba oil of groz grade from malaysia and thailand distributed by s-organics..for permanent removal of unwanted hair at home in natural way without laser is damn good and it removed the hairs in just 2 weeks…

  2. I have been to Myanmar four times and now use Thanaka for my skin and face. Everyday I do what the Burmese do, the natural way using the root. It makes my skin soft and smooth, holds the moisture in. It’s properties and effects are better than I thought. I fully recommend it for skincare – which I had started using it earlier.

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