Science VS Spirituality Debate: Why Scientists don’t Believe in Paranormal

Some say that Science and Spirituality are two aspects of a single reality and for real, Science & Spirituality are more powerful together than apart, but unfortunatly some scientist and material people try so hard to hide the truth.

When I talk about spirituality I don’t mean the New Age nonsense. Some brilliant scientists are open-minded about Paranormal and spirituality. Have a look here my Science VS Spirituality Debate under the Discovery post: This is What Parallel Universes Might Look Like in FB Page:

Science Spirituality Debate:science-spirituality-debate

Me: This is a pseudoscience… They call people lunatic, when talk about ghosts or any other paranormal activity, but they call themselves scientist and they talking about more crazy illusions, like time travel, multiverses and parallel universes… The only difference, is that the first is more spiritual!

Michael: So True..!!

Simon: “More spiritual” That’s more of a negative than a positive, really.

Me: It depends how you see it.

Richard: Uh not quite, studied any actual physics lately?

Me: Real physics has nothing to do with quantum physics…

Cameron: Just stop…

Dave: There’s a difference between pseudoscience, and scientific theory.

Me: With physics you can prove even that fishes are flying, but that’s not my point…My point is, why they never give a space for other things, like paranormal. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean is not exist. Science teach us that our senses are weak. Auras is an example for this! Today we can photograph auras…

Anthony: so there is really that other “worlds” on particularly science called parallel universe or other dimensions… or one might judge it as “spiritual” the unseen worlds we hear and say.

Anthony: If multiverse existed, then it could mean a variation of earths in this vast universe? where one can look into pinpointing our multiple selves as well in this worlds? sounds illusory.

Michael: If the Universe/Multiverse is infinite, then what you suggest is quite possible.

Jimmy: But when you can’t see it there’s room for little else but speculation.

Sergio: You can’t see, feel or detect ghosts in any way so if you wanna believe in them, go ahead not like anyone’s stoping you, just have this in mind, if ghosts were to exist, every animal would create ghosts when dying, a pig you ate could come and try to kill you in his ghost form, billions and billions of living animals have died in this planets surface along the years, i would love to see the ghost of a T-rex but it’s just impossible, every centimetre of air would be filled with ghosts…

David: Spiritual is religion not science.

Me: Spiritual is not a religion. This is ridiculous. A real science, has to look all ways and find the truth. If there is a soul and a spiritual world, than science try to blind people and is not a real science!! As for Sergio, you can’t feel or see many things, but that’s not mean are not there…What about telepathy, we all know is there…

Sergio: hahaha telepathy man are you for real?, okey why don’t you guess what i’m thinking now…?

Me: That you close mind?? Just Google, is telepathy real and see your self…

Me: Google results: Telepathy was something reserved for science fiction. But not anymore. According to a new study humans can communicate over the internet using brain signals alone.

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