Temple Sak Yant Tattoos Meaning, Effects and Powers

The magic Sak Yant tattoos are hand-etched (using a bamboo stick), ancient geometric designs mixed with Buddhist prayers…

There are a lot of different sak yant tattoos that people get for many different reasons, but Gao Yord and hah taew are the most famous. Sak Yant Tattoos are believed to give magic powers, with protection against evil, wellness, healing, strength, wealth and luck. Many ancient cultures believed that the spirit is an exact copy of
the human body. This coincides with the beliefs of many modern
occultists about the astral body.

The people of Borneo, and especially the Kayan tribe, believed that their tattoos will help them to the enter in to the world of spirits. In many traditions the practice of tattooing, is a transmission of supernatural and magic between closed groups. The discipline that follows a body that has received tattoos, reflects the concurrent subjectivization of the soul.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned here in Thailand is to not play with powers I don’t understand. There are two kind of Sak Yant Tattoos. The one that you make only for body-design and the real Sak Yant Tattoos. If you do a Sak Yant Tattoo just for fun than go ahead and visit any Tatoo shop and just do it, but if you make a Sak Yant Tattoo, tattooed by Buddhist monks to archive wellness and wellbeing, be ready for a self improvement. Here in Thailand they say that if you want make a Sak Yant Tattoo in a temple, you need to prepare yourself and change your lifestyle, otherwise the tattoo may become against you.

Originally Buddhist monks covering warriors bodies with Sak Yant tattoos for protection and strength in battle. Yant, means “Yantra”, any object, used as an aid to meditation in tantric worship. Sak – means Sacred geometrical design!Sak Yant Tattoos Meaning, Effects and Powers

Sak Yant Tattoos Meaning, Effects and Powers:
There are many styles of Yantra, such as: Triangular Yant, Round Yant, Four Sided Yant, and even Pictorial ones.

Round Yant – represents Buddha face.

Triangular Yant – represents the Triple Gem of the Buddha Dharma and Sangha.

Four Sided Yant – represents the Four Elements, (Earth, Water, Air and Fire).

Pictorial Yant (Animalistic) – represents various Angels, People, and Mythical Animals.

Onk Pra – represents The Buddha Himself.

The Half Moon Symbol – represents the Moon in the dark.

The Small Circle (Sun Symbol) represents the Sun and stars forces.

The Zig – Zag Spiral line – represents the Saints who have attained the status of Enlightened beings.

Wat Bang Phra (Magic Sak Yant Tattoo Temple):Wat Bang Phra, Sak Yant Tattoo Effects and Powers
Wat Bang Phra means “Monastery of the Riverbank Buddha Image,”
Wat Bang Phra temple, is a two-hour drive from Bangkok and is the most renowned temple in Thailand for make an oringinal Sak Yant Tattoo! The exact year of its founding is unknown. The Wat Bang Phra Wai Khru, Tattoo festival is one of the most bizzare festivals worldwide.

The temple became famous, thanks to Luang Phor Phern, a master in technical and magical sides of sak yant. Another famous Sak Yant practicing monk in Thailand, is Master Luang Pi Nunn. The recipe for the ink is secret and handed down from generation to generation, but some say it contain Chinese charcoal, sandalwood steeped in herbs, holy water, palm oil, snake venom, and even human remains!

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Hah Taew:hah-taewHah Taew, represents 5 yant’s or magical spells…

Powers of Sak Yant Tattoos Videos:

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