Complete Gude to Rabies Vaccine Side Effects for Humans and Detoxification

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects for Humans and Detoxification

So here I’m holidays in Pai Thailand, bitten by a dog in a hotel. The boss of the hotel confirms me that his dog had all necessary vaccines and I shouldn’t worry, but I’m..!

So I went to Pai hospital and the doctor told me that I did the right thing. Even if the bite was not so deep and even if the dog didn’t look so dangerous the best thing to do is to visit your near by clinic or hospital and get an anti rabies vaccine.

So long story short, doctor gave me a vaccine shot and told me that I need to do four more. You must to visit your doctor five times for full treatment. The good news was that the injections were not painful.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects for Humans:

Side effects from the vaccine are very common. 5% to 40% of patients may experience flu-like symptoms like: Headache, nausea, myalgias, vomiting, upset stomach or diarrhea.

The first shot was fine, but the second time I had some side effects like apset stomach, dizziness, headache and more. I dont know for sure if it was my GERD or the vaccine, I will be sure when I do the third shot tomorrow.

Today I went to all of the clinics, just to check the right vaccine. When they gave me the frst shot in Pai they gave me a vaccine that called Abhayram and I didn’t had any side effects. The second time they gave me verorab vaccine and I had the side effects that I described above. My fear for rabies vaccine side effects make me to look everywhere for Abhayram, but unfortunatly no one has it. So I have to use verorab for the second time.

The good news is that this time I didn’t have any side effects, except from a little headache and some dizziness. I’m feeling much better and that is a relieve. I’m sure that the side effects that I had the second time were because of the vaccine, over exercise and the wrong choice of food, as I have lactose intolerance and GERD and I drank a half glass of milk that day.

What I did and I had Less Side Effects?
I didn’t exercise that day, I ate good and healthy food, I drank a lot of fluids and I didn’t use my asthma inhalers as corticosteroids can interact with rabies vaccine.

Rare Rabies Vaccine Side Effects for Humans:

For a first time in my life I had vertigo a week after the third shot. Vertigo is a scary sensation that the world around you is spinning. I read the causes and one of them was (Certain medications that cause ear damage)… So I looked in internet and I found that there were a few causes of sudden onset unilateral sensorineural hearing loss after rabies vaccination… I don’t know if my cause was because of the vaccine or I had ear infection or both (I mean the vaccine make it worst). I hope I will not expirience any other symptoms.

Sudden hearing loss and neurologic complications including Guillain-Barre syndrome or facial paralysis are reported as a side effects after rabies vaccine.

vaccine safety gets more public attention than vaccination. Rabies Vaccine side effects for humans are real but most of the time mild, as modern vaccines getting (better).

Change in Guidelines from Five Rabies Vaccinations to Four:
The doctors here told me to do five shots on days 1, 4, 8, and 15, day 31, but because I hate toxins I made a research and what I found was that CDC guidelines had change. Now four shots are safe and as a result we have less rabies vaccine side effects. So I need to do one more, the last one.

Rabies vaccine Detoxification:Rabies Vaccine Detox, Rabies Detoxification

If you think about it vaccination is a natural treatment, the only problem is that together with antigens they use some chemicals and other stuff as a preservatives and stabilizers and for preventing dangerous bacterial and fungal contamination. Immunizations can lead to a negative reaction, mercury, formaldehyde, or aluminum can be toxic to the human body in certain levels.

So how to detox from vaccination?

Eat fruits and vegetables (organic) as they have detoxification properties. Do some fasting. Drink clean water. Go for sauna at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise, Do some hot and cold hydrotherapy and take some Activated Charcoal supplements.

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