Qigong Dangers, Qigong Induced Psychosis

Qigong Dangers: Qigong Induced Psychosis

Can Qigong be Dangerous?
Everyone speaks about the benefits of Qigong and how much it will help with your health, but not so many they will tell you about the dangers of Qigong. As a wellness seeker the only way to achieve wellness is by finding the truth…

The latest 15 years Hollywood trying so hard thru movies to make Eastern meditation practices to look so healthy and good for us, but they never show the dangers. Is time for us to think, why the world Elit want as to think that way? Most things are dangerous in the wrong hands. Qigong exercises have been a part of Chinese medicine since at least 500 BCE.

Qi means energy or spirit and Gong means effect. Qigong is a mix of meditation, movement, breathing techniques and visualization to promote healing. Qi sometimes referred to as Chi, Ki, Tae or Prana. Today Qigong has turned into a profitable business of the New Age spirituality. Some Qigong masters say that is very dangerous to learn Qigong from a book or Youtube videos, as wrong Qigong practice it will make your Qi more weak.

On the other hand Christians believe that if you try to manipulate such a force is the underpinning of sorcery and that such a power is a counterfeit power. Some scholars say that there is no darkness in Qigong itself, but it can bring some of your own darkness into light. Christians also believe that Qigong is demonic and that when someone meditates, somehow it opens up a door into the spirit world. The funny thing is that chinese also say almost the same thing. In chinese it is called “Zou huo ru mo” Zou huo ru mo in Chinese: 走火入魔 means “be obsessed or possessed by the Devil” (Bring on the fire, enter the demon).meditation-Qigong Dangers, Qigong Induced Psychosis

Qigong Dangers: Qigong Induced Psychosis

Some Qigong practitioners saw horrible things like spirits and heard strange voices. Now from scientific view this demonic possession is called: Qigong Induced Psychosis, Qigong Psychosis Kundalini Syndrome or Meditatation Induced Psychosis. Similar syndromes have been observed in other forms of self-cultivation practices like Yoga meditation (Kundalini syndrome), Astral projection and Hypnosis. The Chinese Psychiatry prefers the term “qigong deviation”. Qi-gong psychotic reaction has been described in recent years as a new culture-bound syndrome in China.

Symptoms of Qigong Induced Psychosis:

1)Panic, discomfort and uncontrolled movements.
2)Sensory problems, such as visual or auditory hallucinations.
3)Pain in different parts of the body.
4)Paranoid thoughts.

Chinese and Western psychiatric believe that qigong could be a precipitating stressor of a latent psychotic disorder to which the patient is predisposed


In my opinion, Qigong, when practised inappropriately, may induce abnormal psychosomatic responses. Like with many other things that can cause deep thinking or withdrawal, like drugs (Substance-induced psychosis) sensetive persons that are prune to psychosis will have a problem and Qigong may work as a trigger to them.

If someone just trying to balance or strengthen Qi, with simply slow exercises like those in Tai Chi Chuan, He or She may in fact produce some benefits and not have any bad results, but people that become obsessed with practicing qigong and deep meditation they will propobly have a problem one day if they are sensetive or prune to a disease, one way or another, medical or spiritual! Finally is better to not playing with forces that we do not fully understand.

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