Phra Pidta closed eyes Buddha story and meaning

Phra Pidta Closed Eyes Buddha Story And Meaning

Phra Pidta in Thai means ‘eye closing’. The amulet you see in the picture is an original Phra Pidta amulet!

I have the luck to own an original Phra Pidta amulet! The meaning of closed eyes Buddha is to be indifferent to all external temper and emotions. Some experts believe that is a form of evolution through the transformation of the God of Fortune, or Sangajayana. I believe that the meaning of Phra Pidta amulet is blind luck. Even the way that I got in my hands the closed eyes Buddha amulet was by luck! It was the first day that I opened my shop here in Thailand and we called a monk from the nearby temple (Wat) to bless the shop and pray for good luck.

When the monk finished his job my partners ex-girlfriend asked the monk “Heey monk you have any Buddha amulet to give to my boyfriend, for good luck?”, (normally most of the monks carry some amulets but most of them are fake.) “The monk answer yes I have one”, then he looked at me and Jimmy and he said to me, “I will give it to you, not to him” I said to him “thank you for the honor” and then the monk smiled and moved away! After one year I went to an amulet shop and they told me that my Phra Pidta amulet is original, costs about 50.000 Baht, because has gold inside. Honestly I dont plan to shell it.

Phra Pidta Effect: Thai people believe that by carrying this type of amulet might balance his/her internal emotions to be stable, and to bring unexpected fortune and wealth!

Phra Pidta Closed Eyes Buddha Videos:

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