Pentagram Symbol of Protection, Perfection, Balance and Good Health

The pentagram first appeared in Mesopotamia, in Ancient Greece and Babylonia. An inverted pentagram is a symbol of evil because it presented an inversion of the natural order.

The Pentagram, also called Pentalpha, from the Greek pente, meaning five and gramma, meaning a letter. The meaning of the inverted Pentagram as a demonic symbol is very recent (only in the 19th century). In ancient times pentagram, among other things was also a symbol of health and healing. Ancient Greeks, used the Pentagram as a microcosm of the human body.

Pentagram Symbol of Protection:Pentagram Symbol of Protection, Perfection, Balance and Good Health

ΥΓΕΙΑ in Greek language means health. Pentagram has been used as a protection, balance  and perfection symbol in religion from the beginning of recorded history. In magic, pentacles were used as a symbol of protection. If something was within the circle of the Pentagram, was protected from the dark forces. Pythagorians considered it an emblem of perfection.

The pentacle is associated with the Pythagorean theorem and the golden mean (golden middle way, is the desirable middle between two extremes). Also, the pentacle inside the Pentagram forms 10 angles, the number of the pythagorean perfect number.Pentagram Symbol of Protection, Perfection, Balance and Good Health

According to Greek philosophers Pentagram Symbol also represents the five cosmic elements, the fire, the earth, the air, the water and the ether (Chi). Pentacle will protect the seeker from all Evil influences.  It is a spiritual, physical and mental protection symbol against evil, Evil can’t pass where it is displayed. In Reiki Pentagram is placed into the solar plexus, heart and root chakra for healing and protection. Wearing a Pentagram it’s symbolizes the connection with the Mother Earth and all her Elements.

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