Magic Mushrooms Health Benefits, Psilocybin Dosage for Cluster Headaches, Depression

Magic Mushrooms Health Benefits, Psilocybin Dosage for Cluster Headaches, Depression…

Before I start this article I need to say a few things just to be clear. Psilocybin cubensis, has been part of human culture for thousands of years.

Everything in nature is for a reason, so is the psilocybin mushrooms, but if you like drugs and you think that just because Magic Mushrooms are nature and have some health benefits you can get them and start treat your self, than you get it all wrong! If you do not have a saman or a doctor that dedicated to Psilocybin dosages and psychology than forget about it.

Psilocybin Dosage for Cluster Headaches, DepressionMagic Mushrooms have also a lot of dangers. Even with low dosages you can get a psychotic episode and suffer for a temporary parania. Psilocybin was banned in 1970 and after 30 years of suspension, is again allowed for research purposes. Magic mushrooms health benefits and healing effects are both medical and psychological.

Magic Mushrooms Health Benefits:Magic Mushrooms Health Benefits,

1) Stimulates Growth Of New Brain Cells:
Research showed that psilocybin helps mice promote new neurons growth and regeneration in their brains.

2) Treating Depression:
A study from Imperial College London found that magic mushrooms were very effective for treating depression, with 5 of 12 being completely cured of their depression and the rest to experiencing a major reduction in depression symptoms.

3) Alleviates Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Symptoms:
Studies showed that psilocybin mushrooms are effective at reducing the symptoms of OCD.

4) Psilocybin as a Treatment for Cluster Headache:
Cluster headache sufferers and researchers found that small doses of Psilocybin can end cluster headache cycles and prevent entire cycles from starting.

Psilocybin Dosage for Cluster Headaches, OCD, Depression:

Low doses don’t produce the “bad trip” effect and can offer the long-term benefits. By taking low doses, we have a very low possibility of the significant fear reaction. So low dosage that are not more than 10 mg with a doctor control. NOTE: Please for safety reasons, do not take any doses of Psilocybin without a doctor.

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