Linden Flower Tea Benefits, Tilia Tea Health Benefits

Linden Flower Tea Benefits: Tilia Tea Health Benefits

Tilia Cordata or Tilia Platyphyllos is known for its soothing and relaxing abilities. It is the best beverage to drink late at evening as it helps the body to relax from tension. Linden is a Beautiful tree, reaching 30 m high, and living up to 200 years.

So lets look some of Linden flower tea benefits. Tilia tea has a lot of ways to promote health, is anti-hypertensive, diuretic and reduce colds & fevers. The name “Tilia” is Latin and derived from the ancient Greek word “Ptelea”. The high concentration of flavonoids and phytonutrients is what makes this tea so special!

The leaves of linden tree are heart-shaped and the flowers are white-yellow and have a very sweet fragrance. It thrives in areas with temperate climate and mountainous terrain.  Tilia flowers are the most commonly used part of these trees.

The northern Europeans used the inner bark of the tree to create ropes, shoes, fishing nets and other objects. Linden flower honey is very good for your health and you can find a good qualty of Linden flower honey mainly in northern Greece. In Greek mythology Linden was the mother of the centaur Chiron. Chiron, is a famous Centaur, healer and educator.

Linden Flower Tea Benefits:

Tilia alleviate high blood pressure:

It promote rest and relaxation:

It strengthens our immune system:

Relieves anxiety:

Linden flower tea detoxifies the body:

Reduces Cold and Flu:

It prevents cancer:

Is good for the Heart:

As is a expectorant it helps to clean Lungs:

It improving digestion:

Dissolves kidney stones:

Tilia Tea Health Benefits Video

Harvesting Linden Flowers Video:

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