Is crystal Healing Real? Can Crystals Really Heal?

Is Crystal Healing Real? Can Crystals Really Heal you?

Crystal healing used as an alternative medical technique for many diseases. The crystal healing therapy is based on 2 main concepts, the traditional Chinese concept of chi and the Hindu concept of chakras. But is crystal healing real? Can crystals, gems and stones really heal you?

Is crystal healing real? Can Crystals Really Heal?

There are many people that claiming that crystal healing is just a pseudoscience. some say that crystal healing works, but only within the realm of placebo effects while others believe that crystal energes is an ancient secret knowledge for healing and power.

A new study found that crystals have no healing powers and is only the placebo effect that works, but believers claim that study failed, as crystals may take weeks or even months to reach full healing potential. A crystal does not have any effect on the user until it becomes “one” with person’s energy. Crystals also must discharged and charged before using them.

Now, before we all think that crystal healing is just a hoax let me remind you something very important. Scientific evidences showed that physical metals like gold, silver, platinum and copper have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, germicidal and antimicrobial properties. Physical metals fight infections, help with wound healing and so on…

So if metals have all these healing powers then why should I believe that crystal stones and gems that came straight from mother earth don’t?

Another example is Aura. If you were talking about aura some years ago they take you for a fool, but today with Kirlian photography we can see that human aura is a real thing. The technique has been known as electrography. Kirlian thought that these images could be used to diagnose illnesses. I will make another article about this soon.

For sure we need more scientific evidences, so we can prove that crystal healing powers are real, but my point is, just because science doesn’t prove it yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t real as we all know that some of the most famous discoveries have been covered up for centuries.

Crystal Powers and the Atlandians:

Some say that we had an earlier civilization that used crystal technologies for creating energy. Atlantis is said to have powered machines with crystals.

We all have watched in TV movies and documentaries about the Atlandians and the use of crystals and we all thought that those kind of stories are myths and maybe are, but guess what? Crystals, such as quartz, can be tapped for electricity using a piezoelectric (mechanical energy discharge) method. By securing the crystal and subjecting it to direct force with a permanent magnet, a detectable amount of electricity is released.

Is Crystal Healing Real? Watch this Great Documentary About Crystal Healing:


For sure that’s not prove that crystals and gems have healing powers, but it is really fascinated that crystals can in future give us free energy.

VIDEO: Can stones and crystals actually heal?

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