Earthing Grounding Benefits, Is Barefoot Therapy a Hoax

Earthing Grounding Benefits or Just a Hoax? Is Barefoot Therapy a Scam?

Is Earthing grounding a hoax? Earthing grounding sounds like a really hocus pocus thing, but is any science behind it or only a new age nonsense?

One theory of Earthing is that humans are lacking electrons because shoes prevent the free flow of electrons
and that walking Barefoot can get them back from mother Earth. If you only see this way it sounds stupid right? Wrong.
This has been proven and things are more complicated here.
The first time I saw the Earthing grounding benefits was from a survival instructor (Cody Lundin) in the dual survival documentary series.

Serious researches has revealed that electrically grounding produces intriguing effects on physiology and health. So is barefoot therapy a hoax? No, Grounding can be a viable complementary natural therapy. But lets have a look first at some Earthing grounding benefits:is Earthing Grounding a Hoax

Earthing Grounding Benefits:

Grounding Helps the Immune System.
Good for Wound healing.
It Helps with chronic Inflammation and Autoimmune Diseases.
Reduces Stress Levels.
Improves Circulation.
Earthing Grounding Prevent Insomnia.
Reduce the Chance of Osteoporosis.
Increase Energy.
It Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
Reduces Pain.

Another way except the researchers that I believe this theory is my logic. When I walk barefoot in a beach with a beautiful sand, grass, or in a forest, I feel amazing and I have a sense of freedom. This I think it’s enough to make me understand that Earthing Grounding is good for my health. So the Earth’s surface or “Earth battery” is real and very effective for all planetary life. I try when I’m in nature to take out my shoes and walk barefoot so I can improve my Health. If you have the time, do the same.Earthing Grounding Benefits

References on Real Researches:

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