Drumming Health Benefits, Drummers are Smarter and Science Finally Proves it

Drumming Health Benefits: Drummers are Smarter and Science Proves it

When I was a kid I loved rock music and I was a drummer in a band. We play for fun and love for the music, but today the therapeutic effects of drumming are finally known.

Are Drumming health benefits a real thing? Researchers at the Stockholm Institute, who studied the functioning of the drummer’s brain, showed that drummers are not only the smartest in a band but smarter than the average person, because their brains coordinate 4 movements per second!

Other research have found that Drummers have higher levels of a brain substance in the spinal cord and help them solve their problems faster and more easily. After some selected questions, it appeared that drummers have a fairly high IQ, and their body produces more white blood cells that protect them from cancer cells.

A further study by the Royal College of Music confirms that dealing with drums and listening to the music they produce has a positive impact on mental health. In fact, drumming can reduce depression by 38%, anxiety by 20% and improve mental well-being by 16%.

This is why music therapy has been invented, which raises mood and faces various kinds of problems. Obviously, all musical instruments have enormous benefits for musicians and the audience they enjoy, but the drummers, however, pride themselves on being the only ones to coordinate the four extremes at different frequencies.

Drumming Health Benefits:

• Playing Drums makes you happy.

• Drumming reduces stress.

• Can Helps with control of chronic pain.

• Playing Drums boosts the immune system.

• Hemispheric Coordination: Drumming produces deeper self-awareness by inducing synchronous brain activity.

• Playing Drums promoting alpha waves.

• Drumming releases negative feelings and emotional trauma.

• Drumming is a way of meditation mindfulness, as grounds us in the present moment.

• Playing Drums is also a good form of cardio.

Benefits of Drumming Therapy with Videos:

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