Does Colloidal Silver Work, Is it Safe to Use, What are the Benefits

Does Colloidal Silver Work? Is it Safe to Use? What are the Benefits?

Does Colloidal Silver Work? Some say that is risk without benefit, but Silver has been a precious metal for centuries..

Since 400 BC Hippocrates describes the antimicrobial properties of silver. This metal have been also used for centuries by Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. It has long been known that the water transferred to silver flakes remains fresh. In the old western days American cowboys were placing silver dollars in buckets to conserve fresh milk. Another evidence is that long time ago, families had genuine silver crockeries and silver jugs, because they knew that silver has many health benefits.

In the 1950s, ionized silver began to be used as a bactericide for water disinfection systems. Dr Robert Becker demonstrated the antiseptic, antifungal and disinfecting properties of Colloidal Silver.
From the late 1800s to 1938, colloidal silver was prescribed for the treatment of infections. Unfortunately it lost popularity since the advent of antibiotics.Does Colloidal Silver Work? Is Colloidal Silver Safe to Use? What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver ?

Does Colloidal Silver Work? The Evidences:

There are many studies out there prove that Colloidal Silver realy works, here are some examples. A Biomedical research has shown that all bacteria, viruses or fungi can’t survive for more than a few minutes with colloidal silver.

According to a new research, Colloidal Silver operating as a catalyst, it neutralizes an enzyme that monocyte bacteria, viruses and fungi need for oxygen metabolism. Another research at the National Institutes of Health studied, found that animals (pigs) treated with Colloidal silver experienced near recovery within two days, whereas the other animals skin remained inflamed.

So, yes Colloidal Silver kills infections and harmful bacteria, without destroy the beneficial gut bacteria like antibiotics do.

Microscope View of Silver Killing Bacteria Video:

Does Colloidal Silver Work? Prove Colloidal Silver Kills Bacteria:

Is Colloidal Silver Safe to Use?

In October 1996 FDA established that all colloidal silver products are unclassified drugs. In high doses Colloidal Silver can cause a rare but not life-threatening condition, called argyria, that turns the skin purple – purple-grey. NCCAM also warns that high consumption of colloidal silver may cause other side effects including headaches, seizures, kidney damage and stomach distress. Finally Colloidal silver products may also interact with some medications.

So is colloidal silver safe to use? A lot of people use Colloidal Silver annually, If you decide to try colloidal silver, take the safe doses of this product. If you consume the right doses you probably not going to turn into a Smurf or have any other side effect.

Colloidal silver is created by tiny silver particles suspended in liquid – usually water. There are various types of products on the market, but be careful most of the companies out there sell ionic silver and not Colloidal Silver. Oringinal Colloidal Silver it must be yellow in color and not colorless like water.Does Colloidal Silver Work, Is it Safe to Use, What are the Benefits

What are the Benefits of Colloidal Silver?

It has Antibacterial and Antimicrobial properties.

Colloidal Silver can Heal Wounds.

Is really effective for Eye/Ear or any other Infection.

Colloidal Silver has Antiviral Properties.

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