Can a Back Pain Like Sciatica Cause Neck Problems, Arms Numbness, or Tingling

Can a Back Pain Like Sciatica Cause Neck Problems, Arms Numbness, Tingling?

Really can a back pain like sciatica cause neck or arms problems. Lets clear that, Sciatica is just a symptom, not a deasease. The most common reason for sciatica is Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, but there are many other deaseases that can cause sciatica, like Piriformis syndrome and Osteophytes.

For many years after my motorbike accident I was wondering of what it may be the connection between a back pain like sciatica
and neck problems with sometimes arm numbness or tingling. I was looking for many years for an answer but I couldn’t found something that fits.

Until I saw on my FB timeline an article of Dr axe about Piriformis Syndrome.
Than I started a research and I found out that Piriformis syndrome and Osteophytes can cause arm and neck problems.
But most of the times cervical and lumbar radiculopathy are unrelated. In other words most of the times neck pain and leg pain are two different problems.

Can a Back Pain Like Sciatica Cause Neck Problems and Arms Numbness, Tingling?

Piriformis Syndrome:

Piriformis located in the buttock region, is a condition in which piriformis muscle irritate the sciatic nerve and cause numbness and tingling, pain in the leg and into the foot. My Piriformis syndrome started after my motorbike accident,
but I didn’t know that this syndrome was responsible for my symptoms for so many years.
My surgical plate have some screws that pressing this muscle, as you can see in the picture.

Piriformis syndrome Symptoms:

•A dull ache in the buttock.
•Reduced range of motion of the hip joint.
•Pain and irritation of the sciatic nerve (sciatica).
•Tingling or numbness in the lower body.
•Increased pain after too much sitting.
•Sometimes neck pains and headaches.
•Stomach Pain and Constipation.

A Video About How To Correct Pelvic Imbalance and Uneven Hips at Home By Dr Mandell:


This disease can be asymptomatic for several years. Osteophytes are bony projections that form along joint margins.
Bone spurs develop in areas of injury or inflammation.Can a Back Pain Like Sciatica Cause Neck Problems, Arms Numbness, Tingling?

Symptoms of Osteophytes:

•Compression of the sciatic nerve.
•Unexpected muscle weakness.
•Chronic lower back pain.
•Burning or tingling in the hands or feet.
•Muscle spasms or cramps.
•Radiating pain into the shoulders or headaches.
•Abdominal pain.
•Difficulty swallowing or breathing.

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