Buenos Aires Health Guide: Buenos Aires Wellness and Health Tips

Buenos Aires Health Guide & Wellness Tips: Healthcare Superfoods

Buenos Aires Health Guide:

Buenos Aires is looks like a European city (known as the South American Paris) as it was built by French, Italian and Spanish immigrants.

Argentina is known destination for tourists who travel for plastic cosmetic surgery. Dengue fever is common and as there is no vaccine, is better to use natural mosquito repellents. Here is a complete Buenos Aires health guide for travelers and for holistic tourism:

In general travelers don’t need vaccinations for Buenos aires, but is advised to have the vaccine for yellow fever if you plan to go to other cities too.

Tap Water:
In Buenos Aires Tap water is safe to drink.

Health Care System and Hospitals:
The good news is that even if you’re a foreigner, public health care in Buenos Aires is most of the time free and hospitals have highly-trained personnel, as healthcare in Argentina considered better from all the other countries in South America. Private hospitals can be sometimes expensive. Here are some of the best

Buenos Aires Top Hospitals List:

Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires
Address: Juan D. Peron 4190, C1181ACH CABA, Argentina

Hospital Británico de Buenos Aires
Address: Perdriel 74, C1280AEB CABA, Argentina

Hospital Británico Barrio Norte
Address: Marcelo T. de Alvear 1573, C1060AAC CABA, Argentina

Hospital Aleman
Address: Av. Pueyrredón 1640, C1118AAT CABA, Argentina

Syrian Lebanese Hospital
Address: Campana 4658, C1419AHN CABA, Argentina

Hospital Cecilia Grierson
Address: Av. Gral. Fernández de la Cruz 4402, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hospital Pedro de Elizalde
Address: Av Manuel Montes de Oca 40, C1270AAN CABA, Argentina

Hospital General de Agudos Parmenio Piñero
Address: Varela 1301, C1406ELA Buenos Aires, Argentina

Interzonal General Hospital. Acute Eva Peron Ex Castex
Av. 101 Dr. Ricardo Balbín 3200, B1650NBN Gran Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Wellness Tips:

Buenos Aires Shopping Therapy:
One of the pleasures of Buenos Aires is its open-air markets. Shopping in Buenos Aires Argentina is a unique experience and is a mix of European and Native American culture-style. There are many excellent street markets in the center of Buenos Aires where you can buy your souvenirs. Plaza Dorrego is one of the few things that ranks as a ‘must do’ sightseeing attraction for visitors to Buenos Aires. Plaza Dorrego is one of the oldest public spaces in the city, dating back to the 18th century.

Superfoods of Buenos Aires: What to Buy for your Well-Being:

Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis):
Yerba Mate is a High-antioxidant herbal tea, with High amounts of minerals and vitamins LOOK HERE FOR MORE: YERBA MATE NUTRITION AND BENEFITS

Darwin’s Barberry (Berberis darwinii):
Darwin’s Barberry is native to Argentina and Chile. You can buy the darwin’s barberry jam if you are in Argentina.

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Places to Visit so you can Achieve Positive Energy:

Plaza de Mayo:
Plaza de Mayo is the Civil Centre of Buenos Aires, where the most important institutional buildings are located.

The Obelisk – Nueve de Julio Avenue:
Obelisk is city’s most traditional monument and a meeting point for every visitor.

La Boca:
La Boca is one of Buenos Aires’ older most photographed and most colorful districts. Especially on Caminito many local artists were selling them wares, while others danced the tango and take photographs with tourists.

Puerto Madero:
Puerto Madero occupies a significant portion of the Rio de la Plata riverbank.

Recoleta, is one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Nightlife and Pleasures:
Please have a look our nightlfe guide in our nightlife website: Buenos Aires Nightlife Guide

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