What is the Best Pre Workout Food for Fat Loss, Top PRE Workout Meals

What is the Best Pre Workout Food for Fat Loss? Top PRE Workout Meals

Realy, what is the best pre workout food for fat loss? It’s not an easy question. Actually it’s all depends on your own personal goals…

There are so many different opinions on what is the best pre workout food for fat loss. Is really a confusing topic, as there are so many different experts that all have different and opposite opinions. Unfortunately most pre-workout meals are not good for fat loss. Wrong Pre-workout meals that are high glycemic and carbs will inhibit fat burning.What is the Best Pre Workout Food for Fat Loss

Best Pre Workout Food for Fat Loss? Top PRE Workout Meals:

1) Fast Before Workout for Extreme Fat loss:
Some research showed that extreme intermittent fasting induces even stronger rejuvenating effects on cells and tissues. Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it is a diet system. “Eat, Fast, Live Longer,” is a documentary on BBC with the Journalist Michael Mosley. Michael Mosley examined whether fasting helped people to live better and more. He found out after experiencing with various forms of intermittent fasting, that the “5: 2” system, (which includes five days a week of regular food, and the other two reduces the daily intake of 2,000 calories to 1/4) is the best. So according to some researchers intermittent fasting and exercise produce really great results for fat loss.Best Pre Workout Food for Fat Loss

2) Eat Healthy Carbs and Fats for Best Workout Performance:
What you eat before gym affects performance, so if your goal is for example to lift a lot of kilos at the gym, than you need a good fuel and you need to grabb your small snack about 45 to 60 minutes in advance. You also need to eat a healthy “mixed” meal, with carbs, fat, and protein. Some good choices are: A full-fat yogurt with granola and a fruit of your choice, a whole-wheat pasta with turkey and salad, a Smoothie with protein powder and your favorite fruit, oatmeals with protein powder and almond milk, a banana with Yogurt and so on…

3) Eat Less for Fat Loss and Good Performance:
Sometimes I fast before workout for extreme fat loss, but most of the times because I dont like to get dizzy and have a good performance at the gym I eat a handful of walnuts with half of my protein shake and when I finish gym I eat the rest of my protein shake with granola. This way I have both fat loss and good performance!

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