I would never have planned to create a page about me, if Google hadn’t pressed me to make one! Another reason was that a lot of scrapers copied my articles, so I had to create one! It makes your content stand out, and provides credibility and more exposure. That’s the reason why I made one. So my name is Mano. I have created travel wellness videos, I’m web designer, alternative medicine researcher, travel author, musician and web developer for over 10 years. I’m doing also video editing and “SEO” or search engine optimization. I’m also on restaurant business for many years. I own a Mediterranean healthy restaurant in Asia for many years. I love cooking and that’s one of the reasons that I like to discover new things about nutrition. I have passion for technology and networking online and that’s the reason why I created the The Weellness Seeker.com and some other websites… I traveled to almost every country in Asia, Europe, South America and also in some countries in Africa. For me traveling and posting in internet is a way of leaving, and this is what I want to do – exploring nature and writing articles!
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A healthy mind in a healthy body (Mens Sana In Corpore Sano), an Amazing Journey in Search for Healing, Wellness, Energies and Powers, Alternative Natural Treatments, Health and Medical Researches.