Ants Inhaler Allergy? Ants Asthma and Respiratory Allergies

Ants Inhaler Allergy?
I have respiratory allergies and sensitivities for many years. Last year I went for allergy tests and I found out that I have allergy in dust mites and cockroaches!

My allergies getting better and better after my allergy test, as I finally know my enemies and I also quit smoking. Sometimes I still get symptoms like stuffy nose, ear and sinus infections, Itchy eyes and of course Asthma like symptoms.

But last year I noticed that most of my symptoms happens when Ants are nearby. So I tried to make a research but I don’t find something on line! If you search the internet, you will find that Many studies talk about the allergic reactions to bites and stings of the Fire Ants, but few have described the direct role of ants in respiratory allergy.

Ants Inhaler Allergy,So I quit the research, until I saw by accident a new research that says that Pharaoh ants can cause allergies and asthma attacks to some sensitive people! Cheol-Woo Kim, MD, PhD, and colleagues found that pharaoh ants were responsible for asthma to some patiens! So is that somehow means, that I have a general respiratory insect allergy? Perhaps the answer is YES…

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