About this Website and the Wellness Seeker:

Did you know that hawks know how to heal themselves? Zoologists and botanists are only just beginning to understand how wild animals use plant medicines to prevent and cure illness…

A healthy mind in a healthy body (Mens Sana In Corpore Sano). We seeking healing ways and natural treatments in every corner of this planet. Exploring and healing it’s all about this website.

Health it is so important, simple, because our body is our vehicle to explore the world. Spiritualism or knowledge is the nutrition for our soul, it’s all about Energy and balance! In this website we try to fix both. Health is everything and knowledge of health, is  the most important for everybody. (Health is the greatest gift contentment the greatest wealth). I’m not a doctor (and that’s good news in one way), I’m a medical researcher, an alternative medicine seeker and a travel author. I have also many small Health issues and that’s one of the reasons, that I’m seeking for natural healing powers and ways to achieve Energy!

Here you can find a lot of information for many health diseases that you can’t find on internet. Medical researches, nutrition tips, monuments of peace and power, fitness news, mystical energies, health travel tips, natural remedies, home remedies, and alternative therapies for any health condition. Herbal remedies are a safe and effective alternative.

A healthy mind in a healthy body (Mens Sana In Corpore Sano), an Amazing Journey in Search for Healing, Wellness, Energies and Powers, Alternative Natural Treatments, Health and Medical Researches.