Activated Charcoal Detox, Can Activated Charcoal Detoxify your Body?

Activated Charcoal Detox: Can Activated Charcoal Detoxify your Body?

Activated charcoal it’s not the same stuff that you use in your barbecue. Activated carbon, has oxygen added to it to increase its porosity.

We see for the first time the use of charcoal for medicinal purposes in Egypt around 1500 BC, but AC used as a water purifier in Chinese, Ayuredic and Japanese Medicine from ancient times as well, but what is truth and what is lie about activated charcoal detox? Can activated charcoal detoxify your body? We hear numerous online websites to talk about the health benefits of taking activated charcoal supplements and we all want to eliminating toxins that sap our health, but it really helps?

Can Activated Charcoal Detoxify your Body?

Although many doctors using activated charcoal in emergency rooms to treat people who have been poisoned, there is not a clear benefit for the everyday use of activated charcoal.

I saw in a British documentary that called superfoods that some people claim that can help detox with alcohol, but the truth is, that only things you ingested within the last few hours can stick to activated charcoal and alcohol is not in those certain chemicals. But here is what they don’t want you to know, activated charcoal may not absorb alcohol, but it does help to quickly remove other toxins inside alcohol. As we all know today alcohol include artificial sweeteners and chemicals and is never comes in a pure form.

Another benefit of AC is that according to study of the American Journal of Gastroenterology alleviates gas & bloating.

Activated Charcoal Detox:

There are some evidence that drinking AC can remove chlorine and chlorinated by-products from water, but experts agree that “Detox” is pure marketing. But how we know that these so called experts are not puppets of the pharmaceutical industry, so we do not know the truth? Another proof of the detoxification benefits of activated charcoal was conducted by two professors (David O. Cooney and Thomas T. Struhsaker). The 2 professors observed that monkeys of the African island of Zanzibar eatng charcoal from burned tree stumps in order to detoxify.

Another clear benefit of Activated Charcoal is for people who have been exposed to mold. Mold can cause many diseases like liver and kidney disease, heart disease, depression, headaches, severe respiratory distress and so on…

And finally, it is not truth that Activated Charcoal can detoxify, why they use Carbon filtering throughout the world to remove contaminants and impurities? pesticides, solvents, fluoride, industrial waste and many other chemicals.

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