Achenbach's Syndrome, Blue Finger Popped Blood Vessel Causes

Achenbach’s Syndrome, Spontaneous Blue Finger, Popped Blood Vessel Causes

They say that are rare Syndromes, but what if all these Syndromes are only one with many different names?
Blue Finger Syndrome, Achenbach’s Syndrome or paroxysmal hand hematoma and Popped Blood Vessel In Finger. If all of these Syndromes are the same, than are not rare after all…

Achenbach’s Syndrome or Paroxysmal Hand Hematoma:
They say that Achenbach syndrome (Paroxysmal finger haematoma) is a rare, benign and self-limiting condition, which causes bruising, swelling and burning pain in the hand or fingers. Achenbach’s Syndrome appearing spontaneously or after a hidden minor trauma and heals completely within days.

Spontaneous Blue Finger Syndrome:
Now, here again medical reports say that the acute Spontaneous Blue Finger Syndrome is a rare, benign condition, that affecting mostly like the Achenbach’s Syndrome the female population. The finger typically becomes acutely painful and then turns blue and heals completely within days.

Finger Popped Blood Vessel:
Sometimes blood vessels may break for no apparent reason and most often is due to high blood pressure or from a hidden minor trauma.

My Story of Achenbach’s Syndrome:Achenbach's Syndrome, Blue Finger Popped Blood Vessel Causes

The first time that my finger problem happen, was at the gym a week ago, but only pain and without a bruise. After a week I was for shopping and all the sudden I felt a sharp pain in my left small finger and within a seconds became blue. I was a little panic as the first thing that came to my mind was a blood clot.

After a research, I found out,  all about the Spontaneous Blue Finger Syndrome, the Achenbach’s Syndrome and the Spontaneous Finger Popped Blood Vessel. So I felt better and now, after 72 hours the bruise is completely gone. To be honest I went to a General doctor just to be sure and he convinced me to not worry, as the bruise was already healed.

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